It’s time for our monthly CPD and business-building webinar series once again; this time, with scale-up strategist, Jon Kandiah.

For over 25 years, Jon Kandiah has been transforming some of the smallest and largest businesses in the UK. From helping to launch, grow and float Virgin Mobile (achieving an £850m market value) to being part of the merger of T-Mobile and Orange that created EE, Jon has been responsible for transforming people and transforming businesses at the highest level. As an accredited coach, he combines this experience with proven methods to help the owners of small businesses to thrive, grow and scale their businesses.

Jon has combined his experience of Agile Planning and Execution with coaching models to create a 90 Day Planning process that helps clients to:
1. gain a clearer understanding of their long-term goals;
2. break these down into achievable shorter-term goals;
3. develop an understanding of the shape of the change that they need to make;
4. put in place the rocks of a plan to take the next steps towards their goals; and
5. think through how they are going to hold themselves to account in delivering their plan.
It also helps coaches to identify opportunities to further help their clients by coaching them through developing their goals and overcoming challenges that they might face delivering the plan.

Jon will share his workbook prior to the webinar. During the webinar Jon will talk about the types of clients that he has used this approach with and walk through the workbook.

Don’t miss out this opportunity to learn on how to grow your business through this webinar. That’s this Thursday, 19 September, at 3 pm UK time.

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