Jennifer Britton, author of Effective Virtual Conversations gave us not one, but two MasterClasses during International Coaching Week (May).  If you missed these invaluable two hours worth of CPD, you can catch them here:

(Click here if you need a copy of the CPD Log)

As we increasingly meet our clients’ needs online, developing our virtual techniques has never been so important, assuming we’re committed to improving our client’s experience.

Here is an excerpt of Jennifer’s blog:

Start by Setting Expectations!

When looking to create a WOW call, it’s important to shape expectations that your call is going to be different. So, let people know in advance they can expect something different! This will disrupt what clients might expect to be another “death by conference call” – with a low-energy “talking head” presenter, leading to a disconnected multi-tasking experience.

But we don’t just want to signal that the call is going to be different. We also want to deliver on it!

So, Here are 8 Ways You Can Create a WOW Virtual Group Call!

How will you tweak your next virtual event to create a more engaging experience? Here are 8 ideas to help you:

1. Put Your Members Front and Center

Help people consider the WIIFM of the call (What’s in it for me?) for themselves early on. You can do this simply by asking something like, “What do you want to get out of this call today?”