Coaching and mentoring experts IAPC&M are revealing industry secrets on client retention in their brand new book, How to Win & Keep Clients.

IAPC&M is run by the industry’s most respected coaches and mentors for the benefit of global coaches, mentors and training providers. IAPC&M are the authority on the accreditation of individual coaches, mentors, training providers, and in-house corporate coach/mentoring programmes. Their members can be found worldwide, and they promote the importance of only working with accredited providers to the hiring public.

Speaking regarding this valuable book, IAPC&M‘s Director Dawn Campbell shares: “So proud to be introducing the magnificent seven I’ve been working with to create an inspirational business handbook for solopreneurs of the futue. Very well done Adele McCormack, Ali Temple, Anna Stapleton, Lorna Phillips, Maria Hocking, Monique Daigneault and Ruby McGuire – you truly are a dream team, and well done for creating something special.”

Their success guide also comes with a foreword written by Olympic Team GB Silver medallist, Leon Taylor, who is now himself a motivational speaker and coach. To further their support for those ready to grow their business and achieve success, IAPC&M have provided 7 go-to chapters filled with success strategies for winning and keeping those all-important clients.

  1. Build a trusting relationship with your clients – (Authenticity + Value) x Trust = Clients. These core values can help build a trusting and authentic relationship with clients of your business, and thereby allows you to keep them as loyal business assets. Trust is everything in an important relationship.
  2. Allow your spirit to guide you in business, too – get to know your spiritual management team: your Higher Self, Intention, Attention and Love. You’ll learn how to align your spiritual desires with your business pur-pose to further your success.
  3. Always maintain the right mindset – you need to have the mental tools to be able to navigate the chal-lenging journey that is the ‘solopreneur’, and do so with clarity, perspective and confidence. It is about the power of the right mindset and how to best combine this with your knowledge and skills.
  4. Pave the right path to success by embracing yourself – the importance of the emotional elements of running a successful business is valid. Your success encompasses both the financial and qualitative as-pects of life. Part one covers the “you” (how to take action) and part two covers how to best combine the “you” with the elements of your business.
  5. Win your clients’ hearts – when it comes to keeping clients, positive relationships are crucial. You need to explore the way you can win a client’s heart and be passionate, attentive, vocal and exceptional when it comes to those important business relationships.
  6. Run your dream business without fear – fear will only get in your way. Learn how to overcome fear to achieve your business. IAPC&M’s book provides a business model to help you create a profitable business, and how to keep those dream clients confidently.
  7. Manage your time the best you can – saving time without sacrificing the quality of your product is any business’s priority. Learn how to implement a streamlined time management system which allows you to be organised, efficient and get ahead of the competition. Time is money, after all!

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