Pursuing your dream business can be intimidating, especially if think you lack the knowledge and skills to begin. But fret not and clear those mindset blocks of fear. In her chapter of the book How to Win and Keep Clients, coach and author Ruby McGuire shares a simple 5-step model on how you can create your dream business.

  1. Passion – Know your ‘why’ and ensure your skill set aligns with your business passion
  2. Dreamies – Understand who your ‘dreamie’ clients are, and how you can make an emotional connection with them
  3. Offer – Using information taken from passion and ‘dreamies’, create an offer that solves their problem (steps 1-3 create the ‘sweet spot’)
  4. Message – Now you have created the sweet spot, learn how to share your message
  5. Tribe – Connect with your tribe via various visibility platforms, i.e. blogging, podcasting, video, etc.

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