You are busy and you want to save time without sacrificing the quality of your product or service.  So, get ahead of the competition and implement a streamlined time management system that allows you to be agile, organized, and efficient. 

Step 1: Getting Organized challenged you to clear clutter in a dedicated space, furnish that space with what you need to be efficient, and set up a filing system for paper and electronic files. 

Step 2: Planning reminded you that all your business initiatives and actions should align with your values and goals, and to work on goals daily.  Remember, one of the biggest mistakes you can make is to not work on goals daily!  You then evaluated your time vampires and learned how to set reasonable boundaries. 

Step 3: Managing Time and Tasks took you through the process of breaking down your yearly business goals into tasks.  You then learned how to prioritize and block those tasks into monthly, weekly, and daily actionable steps.  An important concept we covered was to prioritize money-making activities first! 

Step 4:  Impeccable Customer Relations covered the importance of having a CRM to track all client data and how accessing and updating the CRM must be done regularly.  We then addressed creating and implementing operational standards.  These standards become your CRP and are guidelines to help you attract clients and keep them happy. 

Remember, you’ll save approximately two hours a day by implementing this system and it can be customized to fit your business model. 

Using this system, you’ll end up bringing on clients faster and keeping them longer.  The bottom line is that you will have more billable hours available! 

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