Join us and hear MONIQUE DAIGNEAULT bring her chapter to life in this webinar on 11TH March 2020 at 3 PM (UK time).


A time management system that will save at least two hours a day

How to implement a customer relations plan

Scalable technology that saves valuable time

Monique Daigneault is a seasoned Executive Coach, author, and dynamic facilitator with over three decades of corporate and entrepreneurial experience. Monique has the unique ability to build immediate trust and quickly align clients with their true values and desired direction. Her clients benefit from practical and behavioural changes that are sustainable and measurable, as well as business strategies that enhance success.  As a lifelong learner, Monique has achieved seven industry-specific certifications, a Bachelor of Science in Management, and a Master of Science in Industrial / Organizational Psychology.  Monique enjoys volunteering by teaching English as a Second Language.  She is also a contributing author to the Random House bestseller, Ophelia’s Mom.