Have you ever dreamed of a career change? Something that makes you come alive and gets your senses tingling? Have you ever tried to make it happen?

On this topic alone, in the past few months I have worked with a teacher, corporate marketing director, teaching assistant, support worker, online shop manager, business owner, electrician, communications director, socialite, charity fundraiser, stenographer, project manager, physiotherapist, finance director, office manager, finance assistant, vicar and a journalist.  To date, nearly all have discovered a new direction and out of these, 80% are currently in career transition. A few examples; the project manager is training to become an art therapist, the finance assistant is becoming a gardener and the office manager is setting up her own online business.

Some of these people are in life stages where a drastic change is possible and permissible, yet this isn’t the norm. If you think you are boxed in but still crave a change then please don’t give up. It is perfectly doable to find a new role or organisation in which you will be happy.  

Option 1 – Seek a new role in the same organisation but find one that fits your strengths and motivations. For example, the physiotherapist mentioned above sought a promotion within the same hospital and now performs tasks much more suited to his strengths.  He is happy.

Option 2Seek a new role in a new organisation, one that fits your strengths and motivations and in which the organisational culture and values are a good fit. For example, the teacher I worked with went to a different school and took a job as the SENCO lead (supporting children who have learning difficulties such as dyslexia). He is happy.

Option 3Stay in your existing organisation in the same role but seek development opportunities. For example, the journalist did a digital journalism course and uses the skills both in her current role as well as on a freelance basis. She is happy.

Option 4Go to a new organisation doing the same role where you have a better personality fit. For example, the project manager accepted a role in a much smaller organisation where she gained increased autonomy and the ability to work on an international scale. She is happy.

Don’t look back and regret. Take action today and speak to an accredited coach about your career options. Don’t stay stuck in a rut.

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