While we might think of people with addictions as those who are hooked on drugs or alcohol, the truth can be a lot more mundane than that.

People with addictive personality types can have a hard time controlling any kind of enjoyable activity, even something as banal as eating or gaming. The truth is, these everyday addictions are often masking deeper issues.
The International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring is the leading accreditation authority for professional coaches. Here, one of their accredited coaches, shares 5 common behaviours that could turn dangerous if you have an addictive personality type.

1. Comfort eating – eating food that we enjoy is a fast and easy way to feel better in the moment, especially if we’re feel stressed, unhappy or overwhelmed. But, if it becomes a habit, comfort eating can lead to obesity or even malnourishment. Learn to nurture yourself through more restorative and beneficial alternatives.

2. Social media – keeping your phone within eyesight for the entire day might be considered the norm these days, but it can have several negative effects on your physical, emotional, and mental health. Take a break from the internet and those constant notifications and learn to unwind.

3. Shopping – much like eating, shopping provides a quick mood and ego boost. In the long term, however, this could lead to debt and increased feelings of worthlessness. Work on your self-esteem, instead as that will never go out of style.

4. Medication – taking tablets when we’re feeling ill is normal but using medicine on a regular basis to replace the benefits of healthy eating and exercise is not. Doing so will only mask the symptoms instead of getting to the root of them. Not everything can be cured by a pill!