In some industries, authentic books can lead to great career development. Some of the fields require certificates and diplomas that are worth the effort for finding a job. Moreover, with the right kind of accreditation on your degree and diplomas, you can easily find a reputable job. It always starts with the paperwork. Whether it be a curriculum book or a contractor’s book, it requires authentic accreditation for further procedures. What is accreditation and why is it important? How can you get it?


Accreditation is the act of approving something from a third party to check it’s credibility. Accreditation ensures that education or training provided by a certain institution or a company meets the required industry standards and acceptable levels of quality. It makes sure that the quality of education or training is strictly monitored by legitimate agencies. It is important that the materials supplied to trainees are accredited from a genuine third party source.


Accreditation ensures that you receive a quality education. With the emergence of new institutions and organizations, some people might fall victim for non-accredited institutions and organizations. Therefore, it is important to do your due diligence and protect yourself and your hard-earned cash before choosing your provider. The IAPC&M have a complimentary e-guide that will help you make the right choice here:

Additionally, here are more reasons why accreditation is important:


Accreditation is proof that ensures the quality of the education. With the legitimate approval from a third party, the material used is more reliable as it meets minimum industry standards of quality. Accreditation matters because everyone deserves to receive the highest quality of education from authentic sources.

Moreover, many companies supply books, cards, calculators, contractor’s book, license books and other products regarding certain topics. These supplies need accreditation as well.


With the increased job demands all around the world, more people are competing for the same post. With an accredited degree from an approved instruction accreditation allows the prospective employee to stand out from the crowd. This helps employers to determine the validity of the programs you studied and your qualifications.


Having a professional license is what helps you secure a job. Therefore, accreditation allows you to own a professional license from any of the institutions that are legitimate and accredited by a known third party source.


Accrediting an institution is carried by a process laid by particular third party agencies. These agencies are called accrediting bodies. Accrediting bodies are responsible for monitoring that accredited institutions meet the required level of standards. The accreditors perform an on-site, formal evaluation of school/training providers to check the quality of education/training provided. Consequently, they receive a certain status based on their performance. The accrediting bodies monitor and evaluate schools/training providers for a certain time period. After this, they have to re-evaluate to renew their accreditation usually every three years. 

Depending upon the accrediting bodies, the methods, requirements and accreditation process will vary. Generally, there are three types of accrediting bodies to assess and analyze the performance of any institution:

  • Regional accreditation organization
  • National accreditation organization
  • Professional accreditation organization (which is recognised internationally)

Depending upon the type of institution, and the industry you are in,  make sure the list you are considering fulfills all the requirements by these accrediting bodies.


Accreditation ensures that the school or training organization follows certain standards. Students should always consider accreditation as their top priority while looking for an education/training institution. Accreditation also allows them to be eligible for federal grants and loans. With a certified degree, they will become eligible for job placements. Therefore, always make sure that you receive education/training from an accredited institution.

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