As an accredited coach with the International Authority for Professional Coaching and Mentors (IAPC&M), I was invited to a round table discussion to discuss the importance of accreditation and why my accreditation is important to me, my business, and my clients.

Given the absence of a regulatory body in the profession, this remains a hot topic among professional coaches, raising questions about whether coaching is conducted to the highest possible industry standards.

Also, given my background as a solicitor, it took me a while to get used to the idea that any individual can practice as a coach without accountability. Therefore, it was an obvious step for me to become accredited with the IAPC&M to ensure I do all I can to provide the best service for my clients.

Being accredited assures my clients that I have the professional ability to provide the best service for them. It also provides me with a professional, accountable framework in which I work to ensure I maintain these high standards in coaching.  I have continual access to support, guidance and professional development and can continue to invest in developing my professional skills.

How is this Relevant to Coaching Practitioners?

  • Individuals—When choosing the right coach, ensure they are accredited. You want to be able to trust that they are investing time, money, and energy in developing their professional ability and providing you with good service.
  • Coaches—If you are considering training to be a coach, become accredited by an organisation striving to ensure coaching is of the highest standard in the industry.

To find out more, please listen to our discussion below. My input is at 11 minutes and 33 minutes.