As a manager, our role is very crucial in any organization. Every decision or action that we do can make or break our organization. Which is why from time to time, it would be beneficial to do a little self-check whether our actions are still aligned to what we really should be doing. Here are some fatal mistakes that managers make, and check out whether you may need a little tweaking yourself.


2. OUR FAILURE TO DEVELOP PEOPLE – because we cannot control our own emotional needs. Make our people independent of us – not dependent on us. We must show good and successful HABITS in ourselves and our people. Therefore, concentrate on what is IMPORTANT to ACHIEVE the RESULTS ONLY. Thinking influences feelings – feelings influences behaviour – and behaviour influences results; – Therefore we must change peoples’ thinking.

3. PEOPLE DO NOT WORK FOR MONEY – unless they are starving. SELF ESTEEM is what people really work for. Therefore, our job is to build self-esteem in people by building their belief in the job. Belief in the job – what they do and how they work for us, and especially their belief in the ORGANISATION and the products.

4. WE JOIN THE WRONG CROWD – we affiliate with the wrong people. There is no such word as “They” it means you have driven a wedge between the people and yourselves, – or yourself and upper management.

5. ATTEMPTING TO MANAGE EVERYONE THE SAME WAY – that is impossible; it should be a one on one proposition. You cannot manage in groups; – you can only manipulate to get instantaneous success; – however, in a group, you can train, educate and generate ideas, but you cannot manage. There is no right or wrong way to manage – if it works its good.

6. MANAGERS FORGET THE IMPORTANCE OF PROFIT -everyone is evaluated on their ability to produce a profit. It is only by way of creating a profit that we can provide with the career opportunity that they want when they join us.

7. CONCENTRATING ON PROBLEMS INSTEAD OF CONCENTRATING ON OBJECTIVES – we have to concentrate on achieving success, not the obstacles that are in the way and stopping us achieving that success. The opposite force of that is summed up in the word CREATIVITY – that is what we want! An explanation of Creativity is – “An Understanding of the forces impacting upon us and then using and utilizing those forces to help us achieve our goals.”We get into conflict with our environment and the forces around us because we have the “Right Answer.” We are conditioned to believe that there is always a right answer – from school and exams onwards. In business, there are numerous right answers. A French philosopher once said, “There is nothing more dangerous than an idea when you have only one.” We need to have great flexibility and this generates creativity. So when you get found with a problem you do not ask yourself what is this going to do to me, you ask yourself HOW can I use this opportunity to achieve my goals.

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