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  1. 7th June – If you don’t ask you don’t get!
    • Maybe as a child, you were trained not to ask? Well, that won’t work as a professional coach looking for clients!
  2. 21st June – You do want paying client’s, don’t you?
    • The roadblock to clients is often psychological. What is sabotaging you?
  3. 5th July –  How to make a BIGGER impact
    • With limited time, work smarter by doing things that have the biggest impact!
  4. 19th July – Crafting a Smarter Blog Presence
    • Why not blog for the Guardian, the New York Times, Psychology Today, or some other nice-sized entity? 
  5. 2nd Aug – Why Would YOU Hire You?
    • Call it a brand, a niche or USPs – whatever you call it, have you figured out YOUR compelling selling talking points?
  6. 16th Aug – Announcers
    • There are many folks in a coach’s life, partners, and collaborators, but who are the most important? The folks with a large reach will announce you.
  7. 6th Sept  – Shine a light on your solutions
    • Coaches need one or two key offerings that continue to attract clients and customers year in and year out. Do you have yours?
  8. 20th Sept – How to become the exception rather than the rule
    • Sometimes it makes sense to follow the herd. And sometimes it makes sense to do things your own way – and prove the exception.
  9. 4th Oct – Workshops, Podcasts, Training and all that Jazz
    • Waiting actively while you attract paying clients, but which activities are the best … for you?
  10. 18th Oct – Attracting Bears to Honey
    • Bears do not need a class on “liking honey.” Help clients want what you are offering without you needing to do a lot of explaining.
  11. 1st Nov – The Reddest of Red Flags
    • There are ways of describing yourself and your services that will absolutely turn folks off. Do you know what those are?
  12. 15th Nov – Gift-Wrapped Clients
    • What if you were handed clients on a regular basis? Wouldn’t that be lovely. Learn how to make this happen – fast!


Eric Maisel is the author of 50+ books, among them the recent Inside Creativity Coaching, The Power of Daily Practice and Lighting the Way and the forthcoming Redesign Your Mind. His Psychology Today blog “Rethinking Mental Health” has had 3 million views and he also blogs for Thrive Global, Fine Art America, and the Good Men Project. Dr. Maisel founded the profession of creativity coaching, trains creativity coaches, leads workshops nationally and internationally, and maintains a worldwide creativity coaching practice.

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