You probably have the best products and services in the industry, but the real question is “Do your budding clients even know that your business exists?”

Enter visibility!

The more visible you are, the more customers you can attract AND the more people can talk about you and tell others about you!

Increase your chances of attracting more clients and customers by following these practical and easy visibility tips by successful solopreneur and Business Mastery & Mindset Queen, Ruby McGuire:


Get super-duper clear on your ideal client. The more clarity you have, the easier it will be connected with them both on/offline.


Be consistent with your social media. You choose how often but keep showing up regularly so that people can start to get to know, like and trust you.




‘Hang out’ where your ideal clients are.




Get super-duper clear on how you can work with someone. Know what you offer as a service. If you’re going to be visible you want this sorted so it’s easy for your ideal clients to choose you as the one to work with.





Check your website – Is it obvious what you do? Share the benefits your clients will get by working with you.




Speak to your ideal clients in their language. If your business is corporate-focused, then speak that language. If it’s more relaxed, then relax your tone too.




Get really good at 2 social media platforms. Don’t burn out trying to be good at them all, choose 2 and do them really well. Set up profiles on the others as a type of business card.


Stop lurking, start networking in your online groups. Aim to engage with a minimum of 1-2 people a day. Offer help, answer questions, share inspirational quotes etc.



Network with people offline (attend regular meetings). Forget selling yourself, build relationships. Who knows where it will lead? Maybe business, maybe great friendships.




Have a pipeline of people you engage with on a consistent basis. Business buddies, potential clients, joint venture partners etc.



Would you like to know how visible your business is? Click here and take Ruby McGuire‘s Visibility Quiz!

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