I could listen to Nicki Vee for hours, She certainly has the knack of making success seem so simple. And she does have a point. Actually it is. So many pearls of wisdom shared today, so many recognisable mistakes, sure happy I took notes. Now it’s time to also take action! – Julie K.

Introducing our special guest speaker on 10 Myths of Being A Great Coach – Blown Out Of The Water, Master Coach Trainer, Nicki Vee.

This masterclass will assist any Corporate or Executive Coach to understand how best to present themselves online, find Corporate Clients, & Deliver Coaching within Organisations where everybody benefits.   

Here are some points that Nicki shared:

  1. You need to listen to the client ❌
  2. You should capture what they want to achieve ❌
  3. You must keep your distance ❌
  4. You need to offer solutions ❌
  5. You should avoid distractions ❌
  6. You must have compassion ❌
  7. You need to use clean language ❌
  8. You mustn’t leave them in pain ❌
  9. You need some sort of ‘contract’ ❌
  10. Counselling is about the past – Coaching is about the Future ❌

Watch the recording here:


Nicki Vee’s background was as an MD and HRD of European Leisure PLC, responsible for £70M turnover and 3,000 staff. She then used her tenacious style to perform a dramatic financial turnaround for Bupa. Nicki has become well known as the UK’s top female coach and, through her ‘Master Coach Programs’ as the go-to mentor for Coaches, Trainers & Consultants.

During her first year as an exec coach, working with companies such as Whitbread, South West Trains and Sky TV she easily achieved an income of 100K “without a business card, an office, a brochure or a website!”

Then ‘The Vee’s’ became very well known as ‘The Relationship Couple’ coaching thousands of singles and couples to achieve ‘the ultimate intimate relationship’ through their products, programs and famous seminars.

Their passion for sharing the ‘Art of Coaching’ began with their early ‘Coach the Coach’ programme, and their company ‘Mastercoach’ trained thousands of people in their unique ‘V Coaching Strategy’.

She says, “understanding human psychology and utilising this ‘art form’, so that people make decisions that they follow through on, is the only way to build a solid business and is our way of serving mankind at the highest level”

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Please feel free to share this opportunity with anyone else you know will benefit; it’s freely available to all practitioners, not just IAPC&M accredited practitioners.

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